The 5 Shifts my Hitters Make to Never Miss Their Pitch, Create a Rock Solid Swing and Get Noticed at Showcases 

(Even if your Player is low in confidence and hasn't been consistent in a long time) 

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The five essential ingredients every successful Hitter must have that will allow your child to hit with more consistency, power, and control, and quickly access a repeatable reliable swing with your most efficient mechanical techniques.

  • What most Parents and Coaches are getting completely wrong -- and how using this knowledge can help you turn the tide so your ballplayer can find their superpower. 
  • Why your player in the family is not getting enough playing time, and how YOU CAN get noticed by the coaches within weeks. 
  • The number ONE reasons why your Son or Daughter is freezing on the pitch down the middle and swinging wildly out of the zone! And how you can help them develop the confidence to overcome anxiety at the plate. 
  • The ONE thing your ball player needs that will remove the "Invisible Ceiling" on your success as a hitter and become the hitter that the recruiters and scouts NOTICE.

Matt Nokes 10 YR MLB Veteran
New York Yankees -- Detroit Tigers

I now consult and mentor hitters who are willing to do whatever it takes to reach their potential.
Frank Robinson [Hall of Famer] was that mentor for me and changed the course of my career by teaching, guiding and mentoring me with the big league plan. 

Frank made it clear to me that my was my success was thanks enough him so I knew when I retired it was my calling to mentor those young ball players who want to get to the college of their dreams or get to the big leagues. I consult with some of the best hitters in baseball and I've cracked the code for transforming under-performing hitters willing to push themselves to get quick results.


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