No Fee 2024

JOIN US: Hitters Timing Community

Hello I'm Matt Nokes. I'd like to welcome you to our hitters timing community where we discuss and highlight the timing signals and how to manage all the variables that are difficult in game situation.
We expect an accelerated transformation is late 2023 and 2024 with a new hitting paradigm following what we call The 4D F.I.T. Timing Model.

The biggest mistake hitters and coaches make is they believe they're looking for that one last piece of information that will bring everything into focus...that's another rabbit hole and a dead end.

THE ONLY SOLUTION IS MENTORSHIP. and if you're interested in exploring your options go to "CALLNOKES.COM" or speak with a coach in the community to schedule a strategy call for mentorship.

The OLD WAY is the mechanical model and it's led the hitting community into a dead end. No one makes it to the big league making a million desperate fixes chasing a feel chasing results.

The NEW WAY is the 4D F.I.T. Timing Model. Fully Integrated Timing through all 4 timing signals and learning to manage the timing variables.