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2024 - Professional Hitters Consulting

Here's what you need to know?

  1. Session length approximately 2 hours.2. 
  2. Schedule a time for a Zoom Meeting.
  3. Text me a video of the player hitting preferably before the appointment.
  4. You'll need room to swing a bat.

What happens in our session?

  1. You'll receive a realistic blueprint of your physical, mental and emotional hitting skills & IQ.
  2. Swing Timing and Mindset analysis. 
  3. A clear picture of what you need to do to become an elite hitter using the big league toolset.
  4. Some targeted rehearsals to get you back on track to a more natural approach and swing.

The mainstream hitting paradigm needs to change.

- The Old Way is the Amateur Mechanical Model.
- The New Way is the Major League Timing Model.
...They've both been around for 150 years but the difference is the MLB had help...big league hitters had a mentor to filter through the nuance and abstractions in the form of feel and discovered success only comes as a result of mentorship from someone who's been there and who's good at teach the Timing Model.

What is the 4D F.I.T. Timing Model?

F.I.T. stands for -> Fully Integrated Timing
...across all 4 hitting dimensions. 

The way I describe it is the 4D F.I.T. Timing Model. 
4 Dimensions
1. Mindset
2. Mechanics - the swing timeline
3. Timing Map
4. Timing - the pitch timeline

4D F.I.T. = fully integrated timing...in 4 dimensions. These 4 dimensions all have a timing component and a major role in being able to time any pitch. Whether it's a movement or feel abstraction...every thing you do when hitting needs to be focused through a timing lens.

The best way I can describe it...if you're a hitter willing to do whatever it takes to be a great hitter then you need to build your hitting model from the natural timing and movement principles. These 4 dimensions are like 4 Timing Signals.

It takes mentorship to filter through all the nuance and abstractions [which are generally experienced in the form of a feel that you focus on to make the next adjustment].

Mentors help you achieve success because they're a ONLY pointing you the principles as you build your personal mental model. To be perfectly blunt...the mainstream is guessing it's infamous for the "try this -  try that" approach which is a quick way for the hitter to shut off their instincts and continue down the rabbit hole making a million desperate fixes chasing results based on a feel they liked in the past. 

The timing model is founded on a crystal clear understanding of the PRINCIPLES for natural timing and movement. Big League hitters are intentional about their hitting which gives them certainty and the confidence to tap into the bodies natural ability to feel the most efficient way to move once the understand the ultimate goal of the activity.

Looking deeper into the 4 hitting dimensions?

The motivated passionate hitter following the mainstream mechanical model is at a deep disadvantage - in fact their approach is a dead end because getting a hit is more important than first developing a mental model based on:
1. The Mindset - fully understanding the big league strategy without compromise so they never miss their pitch.
2. The Mechanics - natural movement principles [which keeps your swing efficient, short and repeatable].
3. Timing Map - for orienting your approach, point of contact, the strike zone and your nitro zone, orienting to the distance or depth between release and contact so 98% of your approach is automated and embodied.
4. Timing - managing all the timing variables from the pitchers delivery, tempo, speed spin and location. If you want to be a great hitter you gotta do what the best hitters do. They embody the 1st 3 physical principles and rehearse to automate their timing super power.

MLB Mentors are always filtering every tip and cue through the natural principles so you understand why you're having trouble managing the timing variables. On a mechanical level an MLB Mentor relates the next technique to a natural activity you're probably already familiar with - then creates a rehearsal so you can refine and automate the technique and after integrating these rehearsals into your daily routine you're quickly embodying your moves so you have the bandwidth to focus on actually timing the pitch so you never miss your pitch. 

If the coach is telling you what they would do w/o first pointing to the principles for context then it's up to you to get them to clarify. Unfortunately you're not taught these principles so you're at the mercy of a million different desperate fixes that are one step above guessing.

Following the mainstream mechanical model you're endlessly chasing a feel with a million different desperate fixes chasing results. This is a dead end model...PERIOD!

Again, the mainstream hitting community has taken an approach that leaves everybody hanging. Lots of jargon words and idea that could mean 50 different things to 50 different people and in all cases...there no path to the big leagues - in the end, the Mechanical Model is a DEAD END!

If you want to be a great hitter "you need to do what the best hitters do" - led by a mentor to help you actually build your own hitting model based on the principles of natural timing and movement.