Who Am I?

I’m known as the NUMBER ONE “Go To” Hitting Consultant in the business.

With the most successful Hitting Advisory Program in baseball.

I'm blessed to love what I do!
I carefully use what has taken me 40 years to develop - and what you just read may seem like bold claims and they are - but when hitters come to me they're entrusting me with their future and I take that as serious as my own life. 

In my practice I closely mentor my players with the 1 on 1 attention needed to ensure accountability and incremental improvement needed to quickly and efficiently experience one win after another and in a few short months my hitters experience a profound transformation.

No matter what level you're at, whatever experience you have, whatever skill level you've attained deep down most hitters know they may be working hard but their development feels more like wandering around aimlessly and feeling a bit lucky when they actually hit the ball hard in the game. 

There are times when every hitter gets hot [in the zone] but if they're honest with themselves those times are few and far between. 

What I've found works best is a short burst of intense study, training and careful guidance. One foot in front of the next going in precisely the right direction - a high intensity learning period so they stop guessing with their adjustments and start hitting with certainty. 

With close personal attention my hitters learn a powerful major league level shorthand communication - this accelerates clear and concise communication both ways enhancing their development through a tight feedback loop.

My name is Matt Nokes
I'm a 10 Year MLB Veteran
Silver Slugger Award Winner
Major League All-Star Catcher
Detroit Tigers-New York Yankees

Another powerful feature adding immeasurable value to the lifetime course with live group Q&A sessions. The Q&A is a Live Forum that's continually being updated in real time providing critical hitting solutions for our hitters that's ongoing..

In addition we've built in a powerful FAQ by continually adding to the video solutions database with fresh videos on the spot for our clients as they occur.  A powerful Live Video Database Dealing With Issues As They Occur.

Video solutions are continually updated on the spot, providing personalized solutions, lifetime access this powerful archive provides a unique opportunity for hitters at all levels and at different places along their journey to interact with one other - all working toward similar goals.
This system further multiplies everyone's effectiveness exponentially.

Technology along with our unmatched lifetime online hitting program, enables my team and I to transform our baseball and softball hitters across the globe. 

This tightly organized step by step program and carefully crafted communication modules provide unprecedented help at every stage of a hitters development.

We implement what we call restful use of our communication tools - efficiently using our shorthand with technology to mentor and transform our hitters anywhere in the world from any place in the world - achieving our goals with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

I'm The Founder of The 12 Touchstones Natural Hitting System.

The Only Natural Dual Timing and Power Advisory Program in baseball.

As The Leading Hitting Diagnostician In The Country, My Hitting Advisory Service Mentors some of the Top Major League, Professional and Amateur Prospects in the Baseball and Softball Communities. 

This lifetime online hitting mastery program is one of a kind. Everything you need for success is in the online course modules and Q&A Video Database.

We provide unprecedented 1 on 1 mentoring for our clients around the world through a combination of our efficient and simplified use technology and "in person" training any time when clients come to our Timing Power Hitting Institute facility in San Diego.


The 12 Touchstones Natural Timing Power Hitting Program Systematically Develops A Hitter One Layers At A Time. 

The 12 Touchstones And Their Rehearsals Solve 99 Out Of 100 Problems Before They Ever Come Up. 

The 12 Touchstones Are Action Steps, They're The Do's NOT the Don'ts That Quickly And Efficiently Develop The 3 Hitting Skillsets All Great Hitters Share:

  1. Brutally Efficient Mechanics: using all natural movement you’re familiar with already.
  2. A Laser Focused Mindset: including pre-mind mapping the experience before it happens.
  3. Natural Timing: where you flow into the ball. Matching swing time with pitch time, swing flow and a coordinated stride and transfer.

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