My Video Analysis Process - 3 Day Mini-Camp

The Next Step To Our Coaches Timing Power Event

  • Day 1 [Group A]: Saturday, Jan 5, 2019 
  • Day 1 [Group B]: Sunday, Jan 6, 2019
  • Pick a day...I'll contact you when you sign up to put you in your group on the day of your choosing.
  • First session starts:  12:30pm Pacific [3:30pm Eastern]
  • Everything is recorded 
  • Our Schedule is tight and starts in 2 days if you can swing it.
  • Days 2 and 3 will be scheduled individual sessions personalized to your needs.
  1. By now you've been introduced to the 12 Touchstones...this is the next step!
  2. Video analysis training to learn my process and how I analyze, diagnose and create the action steps for hitters so easily and I want to share them with you.
  3. This will bring context to the 12 Touchstones as well.
  • Day 1: We'll start our 2 hour ZOOM meeting [screen sharing] where I'll teach you my video analysis process and I've simplified it for you. 
    • I'll walk you through my process for analysis and show you how to come up with actionable solutions...
      • All types of hitters.
      • Baseball and Softball
      • All skill levels.
      • Little league to MLB
      • Travel softball to Olympics
      • Plus any you might have questions about...we'll work it in.
    • The goal is to start you down the path to becoming your communities resident expert.
  • Days 2-3: Personalization
    • I'm going to personalize this for you, we'll talk personally and do what's best for you.
    • Your needs are unique. If you have a daughter or son who you'd like to have me video volley for the 2 days...Perfecting critical routines that will TRANSFORM the way they rehearse so you'll know what to work on going forward!
    • Rehearsals are directly connected to programming yourself for game all you do is let the program run.
    • If you program the subroutines correctly with brutal efficiency then the program will run without a hitch.
    • The rehearsals are the main source of transformation which is why I'll offer you one on one mentoring.
    • You may need more video analysis training. As I said...this training is vital if you want to be the best coach in your community or to be the best coach for your daughter or son.
    • I've simplified the process that took me over 40 years to develop.

My Video Analysis Process - 3 Day Mini-Camp

I Customize Your Course

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