The F.I.T. Timing Map - Building Your MLB Hitting Blueprint

Exclusive TRANSFORMATIONAL 8 Module Curriculum 
One YEAR Coaching - LIFETIME Online Curriculum

  • One-on-one orientation session with Matt
    • [in person or live video conference]
  • Weekly Q&A sessions
  • Unlimited Email/Text video communication support includes while you're going through the course:
    • Lifetime access to the online 3 module course - The MLB Plan
    • Video-text consulting
    • Audios consulting
    • Text consulting
    • Video analysis [when needed]
    • 3+ weeks of intensive training
    • A new module opens each week

The ONE Solution is for serious hitters aspiring to play big league or professional baseball.

5 Shifts Hitter Need To Make To Dominate at Every Level.

  1. Troubleshoot and Diagnose.
  2. Repair, Replace and Automate.
  3. Secret Weapon "The Timing Ride n Stride".
    • High leg kick [early lift or low floating lift].
    • Low leg kick [step/stride to swing natural flow].
    • No stride [your shortest natural weight shift in place].
  4. Summarize into one feel and execute. 
  5. Invest in Expert mentoring.
    • Experts give you great ideas.
    • Puts together a powerful group of people all working toward the same goals.
    • Professional hitters making transformations right alongside college hitters, and elite high school hitters so you're discussing ideas you wouldn't come up with on your own.

This is your 1 on 1 mentorship program with Matt Nokes with an all-inclusive lifetime access online course

  • My 1 on 1 mentorship program extends through 2 baseball periods.
    • Your season and summer ball.
    • Summer ball and off-season.
    • Offseason and the regular season.
  • Quickly learn the natural hitting shorthand language that major league hitters understand intuitively, even if they're unable to express what they're doing.
  • In-person training:
    • Training in San Diego is included as needed.
    • All personal expenses are paid by the client.
  • 8 Week Online Course:
    • A new module opens up every 7 days.
    • 8 weeks to complete the course modules.
    • 2 additional weeks to ensure you understand your drills and rehearsals.
    • Weekly Q&A sessions
    • The Player sends me videos weekly or as often as possible so I can fine-tune your approach.
    • Lifetime access to the course online.
  • Course Material Covers:
    • The 12 Touchstones [the natural hitting moves that solve 99 out of 100 problems before they ever come up].
    • 6 Additional "Inside Pitch" Rehearsals Touchstones.
    • The Major League Plan - the mindset necessary to program your subconscious to react as if it's soft-toss.
    • The Pre-Game Prep
    • The On-Deck Circle - step by step.
    • In the Batters Box - mindset for becoming a hitter your teammates can rely on to always hit your pitch in your zone.
    • Drills - all the rules and rehearsals needed to execute your drills so you quickly find your feel.



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