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If what you’ve learned so far about hitting up to this point, hasn’t been grounded in timing - then the key ingredient is missing.


Hitting Consultation with Video Review and Plan for Success 🕓 Limited time offer!

Limited time offer!  60 Minutes in Person or 90 minutes of video review and strategy planning and diagnosing. ...

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T.A.P. Coaches Certification - Natural Hitting

T - Timing A - Approach P - Plan Becoming the hitting mentor that inspires "Integri...

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6 Week Course [Self Study]

The Natural Hitting Touchstones Self Study AdditionCovers the 12 Touchstones and the 6 Inside Pitch Rehears...

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6 Week Course + Consulting + Q&A Addition

The Natural Hitting Touchstones Q&A Addition CourseCovers the 12 Touchstones and the 6 Inside Pitch Rehearsals, T...

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The One Solution - Getting into the Baseball Program of Your Dreams by Mastering The Art of Hitting with Matt Nokes as your Full Time Mentor

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Pyramid of Hitting - The Complete Course

  The COMPLETE Pyramid of Hitting Course Course 1 Blocking:  This video focuses on using your lower ...

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I'm proud to announce I'm offering the most up to date research, easiest to learn and all around best courses on hitting in the entire industry!

Hitting Courses

Transformational classes and courses on hitting for players and coaches certification. I'm Matt Nokes and it will be my honor and privilege to be your personal MLB Hitting Mentor.

The Timing "Do's NOT the Don'ts

Now maybe for the first time ever, you have access to hitting insights revealing the true MLB plan, mechanics that will give you a natural swing, and easy action steps to deal with all the timing variables.

Peak Performance

If you need that extra special 1 on 1 attention to overcome any obstacle you’re struggling with, I have my signature course, “The ONE Solution”. Prepare to be your best at the next level, a college scholarship, the olympics, get drafted.

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