The 5 Step Game Plan My Hitting Clients Use to Get Off The Bench - Get Hot - Stop Missing Their Pitch - Gain 50, 75, 100 ft of Power!

[even if you've never hit for power before - using ONE principle just waiting for you to tap into]

Matt Nokes - 40 Years In Professional Baseball

10 Year MLB Veteran, Silver Slugger Award Winner, All-Star Major League Catcher, San Francisco Giants, Detroit Tigers, New York Yankees.

  • Discover the secrets of how timing is the single most important ingredient for power and should be the FIRST focus of a training program.
  •  Create a crystal clear roadmap for building a ROCK SOLID CONSISTENT SWING and NAILING your MECHANICS and TIMING.
  • Increase Your Power and Gain 50-75 even 100 feet of distance on the ball. (In 90 days)
  • How to quickly access a repeatable reliable swing with your most efficient mechanical techniques. 
  • Learn how to project a professional approach so scouts and recruiters are lining up to watch you hit.
  • Learn the secrets to leaving the best impression on the scouts and recruiters so they want to follow your progress through your season and at every showcase.
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