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"Matts courses and mentorship have been the pinnacle of my success with players. I owe my winning streak to him. Thank you!"

Brian Leighton - Head Baseball Coach
Head Baseball Coach - Asst. Athletic Director - Albertus Magnus College

"Matt Nokes is hands down the TOP Hitting coach and the leading expert on Timing. He even helped me with my golf swing!"

Taylor Gardner - President of Back-Spin Tee
Creator of Back-Spin Tee

"The first time I used Matts "Riding to Buy Time" ™® on an off speed pitch and transferred with a bent knee to extend the hitting zone, I hit a line drive up the middle. In the past, it would have been stiff front knee, resulting in a groundout. All thanks goes to Matt Nokes! Game Changing!"

Quinn Hellmann
Baseball Player

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