Building The F.I.T. Timing Map Your MLB Hitting Blueprint

Initial Evaluation with MATT NOKES Approx... 3 Hours

  • The only solution is to begin building your F.I.T. Timing Map
  • F.I.T. stands for FULLY INTEGRATED TIMING as it does in "Soft Toss".
  • From 8-12 feet in soft toss you're able to feel the space between you and the tosser and the timing variables are almost always natural and intuitive.
  • Increase the distance 5X farther to 60 feet in the game and suddenly it's not so easy to manage the once easy timing variables...
  • The game timing variables simply become unmanageable when a pitcher is trying to make it impossible for you to hit.

The most powerful player developmental tool is a functional understanding of timing.

  • What hitters desperately need is a top to bottom overhaul in how they deal with timing.
  • Typically the vast majority of hitters have sluggish timing sensitivity.
  • Hitters simply don't have quality solutions when they lose their timing.
  • Main stream timing solutions most often add complexity into the equation.
  • Instead of managing the target timing variables - hitters find themselves making a million different desperate mechanical fixes instead of addressing the actual timing issues head on.

"WHEN MY PLAYING DAYS WERE OVER...I began developing the 2nd & 3rd parts of the major league timing model which ultimately turned into a transformational mentorship program for building all 3 dimensions of the MLB Timing Map."

I never would have had the chance to play in the big leagues and compete agains many hitters and pitchers who would become Hall of Famers if another Hall of Famer had not taken me under his wing and become my personal expert mentor when I needed it most.

I was just a raw 19 year-old at the time, searching for clues and a way to crack the code of consistency and power that I knew was inside me. But I was struggling and completely overwhelmed like every other young minor league hitter.

Then I met Frank Robinson and everything changed. Frank gave me what he called — and I’ve called ever since — The Major League Plan and I went from a green kid fighting to stay in low A-ball to a major league All-Star who belted 32 homers in his rookie year.

It was simple. I needed help. Personal, one-on-one guidance. From an expert. And it not only changed my career. It changed my life. Because when my playing days were over, I realized that my new mission was to do for you and countless other hitters like you, what Frank did for me. Trust me, personal mentorship building your timing map is the only path to lasting transformation.

Are you ready to make that kind of transformation? To avoid the quick fixes and the latest hitting fads and all that internet chatter, and accept what it really takes to make your dream of becoming an elite hitter a reality?

Ask yourself that. It’s gut check time. Because having a personal expert mentor means YOU are about to make the biggest commitment of your life. No more hiding behind endless videos, silly hitting training tools, or easy pats on the back from your neighborhood coaches. From now on, it’s just you and me.

There are 3 dimensions, 3 skillsets to the F.I.T MLB Timing Map.

F.I.T. Fully Integrated Timing is what we do naturally and intuitively in soft toss without thinking. The variables are reduced in soft toss so the timing map appears automatically.

The 3 Integrated Timing Dimensions:

  1.  Swing-Time
  2.  Pitch-Time
  3.  Timing Centric Mindset Map

With the F.I.T. Model we've created a bridge between Analytics and Performance on the field and the name of that bridge is "Timing".

  • All the problems you're experiencing.
  • Timing is the missing ingredient.
  • In fact...It’s the single most important ingredient.
  • Between the data and the action.
  • Timing is the disconnect.

Once again, the most powerful player developmental tool is a functional understanding of timing.

Initial Evaluation with MATT NOKES Approx: 3 HoursĀ 

$500.00 USD