THE MLB PLAN Nokes Ninjas Community

The most successful hitting transformational program in the business.

Compared to the MLB Plan
...everything else is amateur hour.

What's included: A Long-term Mentorship with Matt Nokes 10 Yr MLB Veteran, All Star, Silver Slugger, Detroit Tigers, New York Yankees. 

Matt Nokes and his coaching staff are the best in the world at what they do for mechanical, mindset and most importantly TIMING development - the single most important ingredient to hitting. 

  • 6 month membership: Lifetime access to all your online video curriculum. 
  • After you complete your 6-month curriculum we have a deeply discounted exclusive mentorship offer for ongoing coaching support. 
  • 12 online training modules with a new module opening up each week.
  • 2 Private Lessons/month. Two one-on-one rehearsal training sessions each month.
  • Video Analysis Multiple times each month - analysis, diagnosis and action steps.
  • Analysis: Game, BP, drills, rehearsals to help you refine your technique.
  • Action steps building mechanical, mindset and timing efficiency.
  • 1-2 monthly group sessions.
  • BREAKOUT ROOMS during the group sessions for individualized training to master rehearsals, drills, mindset & TIMING.
  • 6 monthly payments [$200/mo]
  • Upon completing the 6 month commitment you will be invited to participate in our drastically reduced maintenance program [$50/mo]
  • $50/mo maintenance membership: you will continue to receive the 1-2 monthly group ZOOM sessions with BREAKOUT rooms.


The MLB PLAN Nokes Ninjas Community

6 monthly payments of $200.00 USD